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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

At, a lot of work is done with personal data that is mainly collected from our (potential) customers for the proper performance of our advice / mediation and management activities. Our (potential) customer must be able to trust that we handle personal data carefully and securely. The present time, characterized by rapidly following new developments, places 'different' demands on the protection of data and privacy. We are aware of this and make every effort to safeguard privacy, including through measures in the field of information security, data minimization, transparency and user control.

Management plays a vital role in ensuring privacy. provides a clear direction to privacy through this policy and establishes how we guarantee, protect and maintain privacy. This policy applies to our entire organization, all processes, parts, projects, objects and data collections of This privacy policy of is in line with the general policy of and the relevant laws and regulations.

Legal frameworks for processing data is responsible for drawing up, implementing and enforcing the policy. The following legal frameworks apply to this:

Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp), replaced by the European Regulation from 25 May 2018; the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Implementation Act General Data Protection Regulation

Assumptions handles personal data safely and respects the privacy of those involved. adheres to the following principles:

Legality, fairness, transparency

Personal data is processed in accordance with the law and in a proper and careful manner. is transparent in the way in which personal data are processed.

G r o nd s l a g and d o e l ensures that personal data are only collected and processed for clearly defined, explicitly described and legitimate purposes. Personal data is only processed on a lawful basis.

Data minimization aims to only process personal data that is minimally necessary for the predetermined purpose.

Retention period

Personal data is not kept longer than discussed with the data subject. The retention of personal data may be necessary to be able to perform legal obligations.

Integrity and Confidentiality handles personal data honestly and confidentially. For example, personal data is only processed by persons with a duty of confidentiality and for the purpose for which this data was collected. ensures appropriate security of personal data. This security is laid down in the information security policy.

Sharing with third parties

In the case of cooperation with external parties, involving the processing of personal data, makes agreements about the requirements that data exchange must meet. These agreements comply with the law. periodically checks these agreements.


Infringement of the interests of the data subject must not be disproportionate to the purpose to be served with the processing.

Rights of data subjects honors the rights of data subjects, where they do not conflict with legal requirements.

Compliance and Sanctions

Compliance consists of concrete supervision of daily practice, in which it is important that managers address employees in case of shortcomings. If compliance is seriously inadequate, can impose a sanction on the responsible employee concerned, within the framework of the employment contract and the legal possibilities.

The policy is periodically evaluated and revised where necessary. Changes to this policy are announced via an internal data location. The most current version of the policy can be downloaded from our website.

Thus established by the management of

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