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Moneyou disappears from the Netherlands. Switch to another lender

Moneyou stops

August 14, 2020

The Moneyou internet bank will disappear. ABN AMRO's subsidiary is phasing out all activities in the Netherlands and Germany, with the exception of mortgages. Do you have a loan with Moneyou? Then you might be better off switching to another lender now. Please contact us for this.

Moneyou started in 2001 as an online mortgage label of ABN AMRO. Later, online savings accounts and loans were also offered. Now the curtain falls for Moneyou. The mortgage label will still remain active as part of ABN AMRO, so nothing will change for mortgage customers. But the savings products and the loans stop. Moneyou is already not accepting new customers. It is expected that the services will be completely phased out in 2021.

Transfer your loan via

If you have a loan with Moneyou, you will receive individual information from October about what to expect and what you can do. You can wait for that moment or you can already take control yourself. Why not switch to a different lender? At you can choose from various lenders, all of which have their own special loan products. If you contact us, we will check what your options are and how much you will gain with your new loan.

Lower interest, better conditions and higher loan amount

Did you take out the Moneyou loan when the interest was higher? Then there is a good chance that you can now benefit from a lower interest rate. We also find out whether there is a loan with conditions that better suit your wishes. We can also check whether you can increase the loan amount and what you will spend in total in costs. You will be pleasantly surprised. It's so nice that you can buy that new car or realize that renovation.

personal advice

When you switch, you will always receive personal advice from us first. That advice is free of charge and does not oblige you to anything. We map out what your wishes are and which loan is appropriate and responsible. Do not wait for a message from Moneyou, but request a quote right away or call us on 0318 - 88 88 88 for more information. You are also welcome at if you have another loan elsewhere that you are not satisfied with. Taking out online is very easy and we will arrange everything for you without charging any costs.

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