Borrowing money, costs money

People borrow less, so payment arrears are barely rising

March 22, 2016

In previous years, the Credit Registration Office (BKR) regularly reported that the number of people in arrears on loans or mortgages had increased again. But recently the credit bureau came out with “relatively good news”. Since July 2015, only 21 people have joined who are unable to meet the payment obligations of their loans.

In July 2015, 777,767 consumers were registered with a backlog of loan repayments. Six months later this was 777,788.

Borrow less money

The fact that there are fewer problem cases is partly because people have borrowed less. Consumers have become more cautious due to the economic crisis. In addition, taking out loans has become less easy. However, lenders have become more keen on identifying and helping people with money problems.

Registration borrow money

BKR registers all loans and credits from consumers in the Netherlands. On average, payment arrears are registered after three months. A period of more than four months applies to mortgage loans. In contrast to the payment problems with loans, the number of people who are behind on other accounts is still increasing. But not paying the rent or bills of, for example, health insurers is not recorded centrally.

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August 14, 2020
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