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High costs for motorhome owners with a Ford engine

November 20, 2016

You are the proud owner of a motorhome and hope to enjoy it for a long time and a lot of fun. For camper owners who have a camper from 2006 to 2010 with a Ford Transit engine type 2.2. TCDi can shatter this dream. Problems have been reported to the NKC , consumer association for motorhome enthusiasts, with this engine. They receive reports of broken engines at mileage of less than 100,000 km. The costs for replacing this Ford engine amount to € 10,000.

Ford has released a software update to reduce the risk of engine failure, but this is not the solution to the problem. Ford Netherlands subsequently set up a leniency scheme, but in practice only a small proportion of the victims qualify for this (due to all the strict conditions set by Ford) and the leniency is in the form of reimbursement of part of the costs and not the whole amount.

Do you fall outside the leniency scheme of Ford but do you have a defective engine? Perhaps taking out a loan is a good option to be able to pay for the high unforeseen costs. At you can easily apply for a loan of € 10,000 online . Our advisers can help you choose the most suitable loan form. A personal loan if you only want to pay for the costs for the new engine, a revolving credit if you would like to have some extra money on hand in addition to the loan amount for the costs if you come across unforeseen expenses again in the future stand.

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