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Personal loan most commonly taken out loan form

May 2, 2017

The personal loan has been catching up with the revolving credit since 2014. The number of revolving loans taken out gradually decreased while the number of personal loans increased. At the moment, the personal loan is the most commonly used loan form.

Fixed low interest rate with a personal loan

Not a surprising development when you look at the development of interest rates. Interest rates have fallen and are currently at a historic low. To take advantage of this, a personal loan is the most favorable and interesting because this loan form has a fixed interest. If you take out a loan now, you set the low interest rate for the entire term of your loan. The interest on a revolving credit is variable. At the moment you also benefit from the low rate, but if the interest rate starts to rise again, your interest rate will rise.

Personal loan

A personal loan not only has a fixed interest, but also a fixed term. The monthly costs, the amount that you pay in interest and repayment, are also fixed. You use this loan form if you want to take out a loan to finance a specific loan purpose. The bank pays the total loan amount to you in full once so that you can pay for your car, caravan or landscaping. A revolving credit is applied for if you want additional financial resources and want to determine yourself when and how much money you use of the loan.

Redeem without penalty

In the past, a fine was calculated for redeeming a personal loan as compensation for missing out on the calculated interest. Nowadays, you can make interim repayments on the personal loan free of charge, just like with a revolving credit. This also makes a personal loan attractive.

Moneyou stops

Moneyou disappears from the Netherlands. Switch to another lender

August 14, 2020
Maximum interest rate down to 10 percent

Maximum credit compensation per August 10 to 10%

August 3, 2020
Nationale Nederlanden will stop using Continuous Credit

Nationale-Nederlanden will stop using Continuous Credit

June 29, 2020

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