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Increase existing loan

Do you know this situation? That you need money, but actually already have a loan. Do you have to increase this loan or do you have to take out another loan that is cheaper instead of increasing it? Increasing your loan is often the best and cheapest option.

Increase your loan as a customer at

You already have a loan with Then we will find out for you how you can increase this loan. Inexpensive and appropriate to your personal situation, of course. Enter your details quickly and discover the possibilities. We will make you a suitable proposal to increase your current loan and possibly make it cheaper!

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Have you not taken out your current loan via We can also help you increase your loan. Part of increasing your loan will then be the transfer of your current loan . Curious what that means for you? Enter your details via our transfer service and discover what your current loan at costs.

If you subsequently submit a request for quotation, our advisers will make you a suitable proposal for increasing your loan. So that you also have the loan with a higher loan amount that best suits your personal situation. With the best interest and conditions.

Request a quote for increasing a loan

Of course you can also immediately request a quote for increasing your loan. Enter the total loan amount below and request a quote.

What kind of loan do you have?

  • Personal loan
  • Revolving credit
  • Credit card with a limit
  • Red on the checking account
  • Purchase on installment via Wehkamp or Neckermann

Increase Personal Loan

If the Personal Loan is increased, penalty interest may be charged. This is a maximum of 1%. On the other hand, by increasing the amount of credit, the interest often becomes lower. You will therefore quickly earn back the penalty interest after increasing the loan. A loan via is cheaper than directly from the large banks. Request a quote and we will calculate how you can increase your loan inexpensively.

Continuous Increase Credit

Do you have a Revolving Credit ? You can always increase this loan without penalty. And lower! If you want to borrow extra money, it is always wise to investigate whether it can be cheaper by transferring the Revolving Credit. Do you want to increase the credit? Request a quote for free advice.

Increase the loan in the case of a credit card, overdraft and other loans

Many people do not realize that using a credit card limit, being in the red and buying on installment from, for example, Wehkamp or Neckermann is also a form of borrowing. Are you currently taking advantage of that and are you about to increase one of these loans? Then consult with the advisers of These loans have the highest interest rates of approximately 14%. That can certainly be cheaper!

Advantages of transferring and increasing the loan amount:

  • the new loan is cheaper
  • you benefit from lower interest rates and / or shorter maturities
  • Merge loans provides an overview
  • merge loans: 1 direct debit per month
  • Merge loans: 1 contact person

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Contact us or submit an inquiry . You will receive an excellent proposal within 24 hours.

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Everything arranged super fast. Application made on Monday afternoon, had to send in a few more documents on Tuesday and the money was in the account on Wednesday. Absolutely great!

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