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Nationale-Nederlanden will stop using Continuous Credit

Nationale Nederlanden will stop using Continuous Credit

June 29, 2020

From 1 July 2020, consumers can no longer take out a new Revolving Credit with Nationale-Nederlanden. Customers who already have a Revolving Credit will lose their recording space on 1 January 2021. Their Revolving Credit is then converted into a loan with a variable interest rate. The change is a good reason to take a fresh look at your credit.

Nationale-Nederlanden will stop offering Revolving Loans as of 1 July 2020 because the loan form can lead to financial problems. Because customers are sometimes inclined to withdraw the repaid amount over and over again. They are then unnecessarily tied to the credit. An undesirable situation, according to Nationale-Nederlanden. That is why they will stop offering a new Revolving Credit from 1 July 2020.

You can withdraw money until January 1, 2021

Do you already have a Revolving Credit with Nationale-Nederlanden? Then things will also change for you. After July 1, you can no longer increase your credit limit. You can also withdraw money up to and including December 31, 2020, after that no more. Is your last admission currently longer than 12 months ago? Then new withdrawals from your Continuous Credit are only possible if your current financial situation permits. You must first send this information before you get the green light to withdraw money.

Continuous Credit Nationale-Nederlanden becomes loan

As of 1 January 2021, your National-Nederlanden Continuous Credit will be converted into a loan that you pay off step by step. The monthly amount does not change during the term. But watch out! The interest on the loan remains variable. So you have no certainty about the costs and the duration. You can always pay off extra amounts without penalty.

What does this mean for you?

Stopping your Continuous Credit with Nationale-Nederlanden may not suit you. In that case, contact We will look for a lender for you who still offers Continuous Loans. You may not mind that your Revolving Credit is converted into a loan. But do you want a loan with a variable interest? If you prefer more certainty about costs and term, then it is better to transfer the Continuous Credit to a Personal Loan. You then know how much and until when you pay for your loan. You can also always make extra repayments without penalty. We will check for you where you are most advantageous with a Personal Loan, at Nationale-Nederlanden or another party.

Advice on suitable loan

Do you have a Continuous Credit, at Nationale-Nederlanden or elsewhere? Perhaps the loan form does not suit you as well. We advise you free of charge about the loan form that does meet your wishes and possibilities. Therefore, please contact us. Or request a quote without obligation . You will receive a proposal within 24 hours.

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