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Continuous transfer of credit: opt for a more responsible loan

Your loan must be responsible. This means that your monthly payments must match your financial and personal situation. It may be that your current Revolving Credit is insufficiently geared to this. By transferring your Revolving Credit, you opt for a more responsible loan.

When is it advisable to transfer your Revolving Credit?

Revolving Credit with a lower interest rate
Every credit provider has its own conditions and interest rates. Are you the best with your current provider? Or can we find another loan with a lower interest rate for you?

Merge Revolving Credits
Do you have several Revolving Loans? Then combine them into one loan. You then benefit from a lower interest rate and have more control over your finances.

Interest is low, so switching pays off in almost all cases.

Continuous transfer of credit: the advantages

Why would you want to refinance your Revolving Credit?

  • personal advice
  • Lower interest
  • Transfer free of charge
  • Another credit immediately

personal advice

personal advice

If you transfer your current Continuous Loan (s) with us, we will always advise you in advance about which new loan suits you better. There are no costs associated with that advice.

Lower interest

Lower interest

You may be paying a high interest on your current Revolving Credit. That is unfortunate and not necessary. We will look for a provider with a lower interest rate for you. Beforehand, we will show you exactly how much your monthly costs will decrease and how much you will save in total.

Transfer free of charge

Transfer free of charge

Transferring your Revolving Credit to a new credit is free of charge. Because you use our free transfer service, you don't have to pay us anything for advice, administration or other costs.

Another credit immediately

Another credit immediately

As soon as you have said 'yes' to our proposal for a new loan, we will arrange the switch immediately. Within a few days you will have a different and cheaper credit that suits you better.

Personal advice about your loan

We think it is important that your loan is responsible and that it suits you well. And if you want to transfer a Revolving Credit, we will make sure that you move forward. That is why we will talk to you in advance. What is most important to you? Would you like a dot on the horizon, so that you know when your loan has been paid off? Or do you appreciate always having some extra financial flexibility? What was your Revolving Credit intended for in the first instance? Is that still the reason to borrow money?

We also discuss your financial details and your personal situation. After a careful analysis, we will come up with a suitable solution for your current Continuous Credit.

Merge multiple credits

Do you have several smaller Revolving Loans? Then combine everything into one large Revolving Credit. The interest for a high loan amount is lower than for a small loan amount. By combining the different credits, you save on your monthly costs. Moreover, you have a better overview of your finances with just one credit.

Transfer revolving credit to Personal Loan

Your Revolving Credit has a variable interest rate and no fixed term. That can be nice, but maybe a different loan form would suit you better. With us you can also convert the Revolving Credit to another form of loan . A Personal Loan has a fixed interest . You also know exactly when your loan has been repaid. This fixed loan form therefore gives you more security. And nowadays you can also make extra repayments without penalty with a Personal Loan. as a reliable partner is affiliated with and member of various organizations that guarantee that we are a reliable service provider . To determine which loan you are eligible for, we use the borrowing standards of the Association of Finance Companies in the Netherlands (VFN). And we only do business with reliable and reputable lenders . They must adhere to strict legislation.

Safety first
Financial matters are strictly personal. That is why your data at is stored in a personal secure environment, which only you have access to. And of course we adhere to all privacy legislation.

Requesting a switch over on Continuous Credit

Request a quote online and you will receive a personal proposal containing your amount of savings after the transfer. You can transfer a Revolving Credit completely online and is easy and efficient. We can advise you without obligation and free of charge so that you have a new, responsible and advantageous credit after the transfer. Please contact with one of our credit counselors; you will receive answers to all your questions.

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Everything arranged super fast. Application made on Monday afternoon, had to send in a few more documents on Tuesday and the money was in the account on Wednesday. Absolutely great!

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