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Transfer Personal Loan

The interest rates are historically low, so a good time to look at to whether it pays to your current personal loan to refinance . In most cases, this can be quite beneficial.

Advantages of transferring your Personal Loan

In addition to a lower interest rate and total price, the current conditions are often better than the 'old' conditions. For example, you now no longer pay penalty interest if you want to redeem faster.

Even if you have several Personal Loans , it is worthwhile to transfer your loans to one convenient loan. You pay less interest for one large loan than for several small loans.

What does a transfer cost?

Transferring your Personal Loan is free of charge. The banks we work with no longer charge penalty interest when transferring a loan and you do not pay any closing costs. We also do not charge extra costs for advice by our team of credit advisers.

If it turns out that it is cheaper to transfer your loan, then you only need to provide your details, we will take care of the rest.

How does transfer work? works together with various banks that offer the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands . If you request a transfer quote, we will immediately look for the offer that best suits your personal situation. You make the request, we will take care of the rest. Our transfer service makes it possible to transfer your existing loan faster at better conditions.

Merge multiple loans

If you have taken out several loans, you can sometimes no longer see the forest for the trees. It is difficult to keep an overview of your financial situation. When you combine all current loans into one large loan, this will in most cases result in a lower interest rate and a lower monthly amount. In addition to this financial benefit, it also provides peace of mind. You only have one loan, one monthly amount, one interest with one and the same party.

Convert revolving credit

It is also possible to convert a Revolving Credit into a Personal Loan . So that you have more certainty, because the interest, the term and your monthly costs are fixed. In addition, with a Personal Loan, you can benefit from tax benefits under certain conditions.
Transferring a Revolving Credit to a Personal Loan is also free of charge via our transfer service.

Borrow extra money

Do you need more money than the current loan amount? Then it is possible to request a higher loan amount, provided your personal and financial situation is sufficient, of course.

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Transfer immediately

Do you want to transfer your existing Personal Loan? Request a quote online . We will immediately start working for you.

Do you need personal advice? Then call our team of credit advisers on 491 547 0576. They will be happy to help you.

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