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Borrowing responsibly at an attractive rate. That is what has set itself the goal. Financial products can have a lot of impact. The commitment you make is often for a long term. We believe that professional advice is indispensable to make a well-considered choice.

Borrow cheaply

A loan costs money and that is passed on. But it sometimes happens that a loan from a large bank that you apply for yourself has a much higher interest rate than the exact same loan at the same bank via

What makes one loan more expensive than another? The difference is in the (overhead) costs. has much lower costs and that advantage is reflected as a customer in lower interest costs.

We are a renowned and reliable party for our customers and for our banking relationships. We request quotes from several banks, after which we will present you with the best proposal.

Borrow responsibly

Our challenge is to offer our customers inventive solutions using our network, knowledge and experience. Our team of consultants is curious, eager to learn and creative.

This results in, for example, offering different product forms, splitting a loan and broader loan options by including the mortgage situation in the advice.

Our credit specialists

Our team is ready to answer all your questions and help you realize your financing.

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Are you currently researching your loan options and are you looking for someone who thinks along with you? Or do you have a loan and do you want to know whether it can be cheaper? Please contact us. We can be reached by telephone on 0318 - 888 888. Of course we can also be reached by e-mail . We are also available via chat.

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Via the e-mail address [email protected] you can send all your questions, comments, additions or announcements to ...

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Documents & forms

Here you will find a blank employer's statement. You can have it completed by your employer.

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Everything arranged quickly within two days so that we are cheaper.

Caroline 7 days ago
Trustpilot rating

Everything arranged super fast. Application made on Monday afternoon, had to send in a few more documents on Tuesday and the money was in the account on Wednesday. Absolutely great!

Mr. M. van der Meer 7 days ago
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