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You want to borrow money for a large expenditure. Then you may initially think of your own bank where your checking account is also located. But did you know that there are many more lenders in the Netherlands? Here you often borrow cheaper and at better conditions. Each bank uses its own interest rates and conditions. It is therefore worthwhile to find out what you do best. does business with various lenders. We have listed what they have to offer. Would you like to know more or would you like to receive a selection advice? Please contact us or request a free quote.


BNP Paribas Consumer Finance

Borrowing from the largest bank in Europe? BNP Paribas Consumer Finance offers the most personalized loan solutions especially for you.



In the Netherlands, Defam is one of the largest companies that provides loans to private individuals. Defam is a 100% subsidiary of ABN AMRO.



With 150,000 customers, Interbank is one of the largest providers in the Netherlands. Interbank is part of Crédit Agricole SA


National Netherlands

In addition to being a well-known insurer, Nationale Nederlanden is one of the largest financial service providers in the Netherlands.



Qander is an experienced provider and has been offering financial products and services to the Dutch market for more than 20 years.



Freo has been active as an online loan specialist for 12 years, offers the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands and is part of Rabobank.


Lender & Spender

Lender & Spender is a modern innovative provider of consumer loans without the intervention of a bank.

Choosing a lender. What do you pay attention to?

Three points are important when choosing a lender:

  • The interest rate
  • The conditions
  • The total cost of the loan

Lender and interest

The interest that you pay on your loan largely determines what you spend in monthly payments. A low interest rate is therefore attractive. Check whether the rate is fixed during the entire term or whether your interest can still rise or fall during that period. And remember that a loan with the lowest interest rate does not always have to be the best choice. Because the conditions are also important and the question of how much you have lost in total.

Lender and Conditions

There are conditions attached to every loan that affect your options, your costs and your risks. For example, can you determine the term yourself? Do you have to pay a fine if you make extra repayments in the meantime? What happens if you die before the loan is repaid? Do your next of kin have to take over the payment obligations or is the loan forgiven? Can you only take out the loan with a partner? And how important do you think the investment policy of the lender is? By taking a critical look at the conditions you can prevent unexpected costs and choose a lender that suits you.

Lender and the total costs of your loan

If you borrow money, you want to know how much you pay for it per month. But that is not everything. Because how much do you pay in total for your loan? To know that, in addition to the interest, the term is also important. With a long term, you are attached to the loan for longer and you pay interest over several months. In that case, the total costs are higher than for a short term. You may also be faced with additional costs such as closing commission or a fine for accelerated repayment. To really make a good choice, ask about the total costs of your loan.

Expert advice

Borrowing money is tailor-made and choosing a lender is a matter of weighing up. Do you want the lowest monthly costs or do you want to keep the total costs as low as possible? Are you willing to take any risks or are you going to be sure of everything? Which loan form actually suits your spending goal? And which lender invests in projects that you believe in?

Request a free quote without obligation and one of our advisers will provide you with more information and advice, so that you can take out the loan that suits you best. You can of course always contact us by phone.

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