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Revolving credit

A Revolving Credit is a flexible way of borrowing money. You can withdraw money up to a certain limit, when you want and as much as you want. This way you always have extra financial space. A Revolving Credit does not suit every spending goal. That is why we advise you free of charge whether this loan form suits you. Became curious? Our proposal will be in your mailbox within 24 hours. Request a free quote.

Revolving credit

  • Withdraw money up to a credit limit
  • Variable interest and term
  • Fixed monthly amount
  • Pay off as much as you want without penalty

What is a Revolving Credit?

If you take out a Revolving Credit, a certain credit limit will be agreed with you. You can withdraw unlimited money up to that limit. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. The Revolving Credit is a very flexible credit: you can withdraw repaid amounts again, but you can also repay as much as you want without penalty.

The amount that you pay monthly in interest and repayment is fixed. This way you can fine-tune the flexible credit to your budget.

Interest Revolving Credit

The interest on a Revolving Credit is variable. That means that interest rates can rise or fall. And that has consequences for your term. What's up with that? You pay a fixed monthly amount that consists of an interest part and a repayment part. At a high interest rate, the repayment part is smaller and you repay less quickly. With a low interest rate on your Revolving Credit, your repayment part is larger. You then repay faster and your term becomes shorter.

Of course, the interest portion also depends on the amount you have withdrawn. Have you included everything up to your credit limit? Then you also pay a lot of interest and the interest portion is larger. If your debt is still low, the interest portion is small and the repayment portion is large.

Lowest interest Revolving Credit

Are you looking for the cheapest Revolving Credit? You can compare the interest that different lenders currently charge. You can then see at a glance who offers the lowest interest on a Revolving Credit. And you can easily calculate the costs of the Revolving Credit yourself. But always keep in mind that that interest can change again during the term.

Continuously Repaying credit

Because you can withdraw money over and over again with a Revolving Credit, there is a risk that you will be tied to the loan longer than you originally intended. That is undesirable. That is why a Revolving Credit must now be fully repaid within 15 years. Lenders often gradually lower the credit limit over time, so that you can no longer withdraw money after a while.

Revolving Credit or Personal Loan?

A Revolving Credit is a great loan form if you want to have some extra money in reserve for a while. Or if you expect additional expenses for a particular purchase at a later date. Consider, for example, a motorcycle for which you want to buy special accessories. We always discuss with you in advance whether a flexible credit suits you. There are no costs associated with that advice.

When you have a clear expense in mind and already know how much you need, a Personal Loan is usually a better choice. It is also better to opt for this for home improvement , because the interest is usually tax-deductible. The interest on a Revolving Credit is never tax deductible.

Continuous transfer of credit at

Do you think your current Revolving Credit is too expensive or are the options of that credit limited? At you can transfer your Continuous Credit . You then take out another Revolving Credit with a lower interest rate or better conditions. Do you want to terminate your Continuous Credit? Then transfer the Revolving Credit to a Personal Loan with more overview and certainty.

Continuous Take out credit with

To be eligible for a Revolving Credit, you must have a steady income that is high enough to cover the costs. Your age is also important. The Revolving Credit must be repaid before your 74th birthday. We also check whether you have any other loans outstanding to determine how much you can borrow. Do you meet all the conditions? Then we look for a Revolving Credit with the lowest interest and favorable conditions. You pay no closing and advice costs at

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Want to know how much money you can borrow? At you can request a quote for a Continuous Credit free of charge and without obligation. Our personal proposal will be received by you within 24 hours. Would you rather consult first? Please contact one of our advisors on telephone number 0318 - 88 88 88.

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