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If you want to borrow money, you have a few important questions. How much can I borrow? What do I lose per month? Where am I the cheapest from? And which loan is right for me? Quite complicated to find out for yourself. You can therefore apply for a loan via We advise you and look for the loan with the lowest interest and the best conditions.

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Apply for a loan online

At you can easily borrow money online . Just when it suits you and easy from home. Because the process takes place digitally, everything can be handled quickly, often within two days. Another advantage: with an online application, the costs are lower. And that in turn translates into a lower interest rate.

Do you first want to know how much you can borrow ? You can get an indication of your possible loan amount.

Apply for a cheap loan

If you borrow money, a low interest rate is of course important. We work together with lenders in the Netherlands that offer the lowest interest rates. You can compare interest rates with us and see where you are best off. In addition to the interest, the conditions are also important. That is why we always advise you in advance so that you are sure that you have taken out the best loan.

Apply for loan, how does it work?

You can apply for a loan at in four easy steps.

Step 1 - Apply online
Fill in the form online with a few questions about your loan goal, the desired loan amount, your finances and your personal situation. Sometimes we need additional information from you. We will then contact you by phone or e-mail. As soon as we know your situation and your wishes, we will look for an affordable and suitable loan for you.

Do you have any questions or would you prefer personal contact first? Then you can of course also call us at 491 547 0576.

Step 2 - The consultation
We request a quote from the lender for the loan that we find most suitable for you. Thanks to an excellent relationship with our cooperating banks, we receive them within an hour. We will then contact you to discuss why we think this loan is best for you.

In that advisory meeting, we explain the conditions of the loan. We are also clear about the costs: how much you pay per month and what you spend in total. And we discuss the risks of borrowing money and the options for insuring those risks . When all that is clear, we will send you the quotation.

Step 3 - Send documents
The quotation includes a checklist with all the necessary documents that we would like to receive from you. For example, think of:

  • Copy of your ID
  • Copy of your pay slip
  • A printout of online banking mutations

You can upload all documents via Signing can also be done digitally. Do you find it difficult to submit your application digitally? Then you can also send everything to us by post.

We check all your documents and email the complete file to the bank. If he approves everything, a final agreement is often reached within a day.

Step 4 - The money in your account
As soon as the bank gives a final agreement, the money will be transferred to you. If all goes well, the amount will be in your account within two days of application. But our services do not stop there. We remain your point of contact for questions or changes throughout the term.

Also let us know if something changes in your personal situation. You may then have other options. For example, that you can increase your loan and benefit from a more favorable interest rate.

Get a loan

You prefer not to take out a loan on your own. After all, you want the certainty that you are with a reliable lender. And that you will not get into trouble because of your payment obligations. Moreover, borrowing is tailor-made, because every consumer is different. Professional advice in advance is therefore absolutely necessary.

Take out your loan via Our professional advisers ensure that you borrow responsibly and inexpensively. And of course we take care of the entire process so that everything is arranged quickly.

Apply for a small loan

Do you want to borrow a small amount? At you can already take out a loan from € 2,500. Keep in mind that the interest with a low loan amount is higher than with a high loan amount. Do you have several small credits, such as an overdraft or an installment purchase? Then take out one loan with which you pay off all those loans.

If you combine small loans into a loan, you pay less in interest in total and you save on your monthly costs. And you have an overview: no longer a jumble of loans, but one loan with fixed monthly amounts and a fixed term.

Apply for loan with BKR registration

All credits granted in the Netherlands are registered at the Credit Registration Office (BKR). If you apply for a loan at, we check with the BKR whether you have any other loans and what amounts are involved. A registration with the BKR does not have to be an obstacle for a new loan, but it does affect your loan amount.

The BKR also registers whether you have (had) payment problems with your previous loans. In that case, there is a good chance that you cannot take out a new loan. Do you take out the loan together with your partner? Then he or she will also be tested at the BKR.

If you have taken out a loan through, we are obliged to report this to the BKR. We will also notify you if your payment arrears.

Would you like to know more about applying for a loan?

Do you have any questions about applying for a loan? Contact us at 491 547 0576 or send an email to . Of course you can always request a quote .

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Trustpilot rating

Everything arranged quickly within two days so that we are cheaper.

Caroline 7 days ago
Trustpilot rating

Everything arranged super fast. Application made on Monday afternoon, had to send in a few more documents on Tuesday and the money was in the account on Wednesday. Absolutely great!

Mr. M. van der Meer 7 days ago
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