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Personal loan

A Personal Loan is the most suitable way to finance a specific expense. A new kitchen, another car or a special course, for example. The advantages? Overview and clarity. Because you know exactly how much you pay per month, when the loan is paid off and how much you have spent in total in costs.

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Personal loan

  • Fixed interest from 3.5%
  • Extra repayments without penalty
  • Borrow a fixed amount once
  • Fixed interest and term
  • Fixed monthly costs

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Frequently asked questions about Personal Loan

Would you like to know more about borrowing money through a Personal Loan? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Then view our complete overview with frequently asked questions about borrowing money.

Do I have to pay costs in advance for a loan?
Can I make extra repayments without penalty?
How much can I borrow?
Can I take out a personal loan in addition to my mortgage?
Is a personal loan tax deductible
Personal loan or revolving credit?

More about Personal Loan

What is a Personal Loan?

With a Personal Loan you receive an amount in one go into your account with which you can immediately make the desired purchase. The interest on a Personal Loan is fixed for the entire term. It has also been agreed with you within how many months you will pay off the loan.

Because interest and term are fixed, exactly what your total costs are and how high your monthly amount has been calculated. Have you ever had a financial windfall? Then you can always make extra repayments on your personal credit without penalty. Your term will then be shorter.

Interest Personal Loan

The interest on a Personal Loan does not change during the term. So you cannot be surprised by a sudden interest rate hike and higher costs. Do you use the Personal Loan for home improvement ? Then the interest is often tax deductible. You then have a tax benefit that makes your loan even cheaper. As a homeowner, you can sometimes also benefit from a lower interest rate on your Personal Loan. Ask us about the possibilities.

Cost of Personal Loan

The interest on your Personal Loan largely determines what costs you spend. That interest depends, among other things, on your loan amount. A large loan amount usually has a lower interest rate than a small loan amount.

The term of your Personal Loan is also important. With a short term, your interest is lower. The total costs of your Personal Loan are therefore lower. But with a short term you pay a higher amount in repayment every month. As a result, your monthly costs are somewhat higher. We are happy to advise you, so that you have a good balance between your monthly amount and the total costs of your personal credit.

Below you can check how high the interest and your total costs are with a Personal Loan for different loan amounts and different terms.

Calculate a personal loan with the lowest interest

One lender charges a lower interest rate than another. Are you looking for the cheapest Personal Loan? You can compare the interest per lender and see what costs you have to pay. The differences in interest are often due to a difference in conditions. Therefore, do not just go for the cheapest Personal Loan, but always get advice so that the conditions also suit you.

Transfer Personal Loan

Did you take out a Personal Loan in a period when the interest was higher? Then you are unnecessarily expensive. Fortunately, you can now pay off most loans without penalty. If you transfer your current Personal Loan , you will receive a new loan with which you pay off the old loan. You benefit from a lower interest rate and your monthly costs go down.

In the red, an installment purchase, a credit card debt, a private lease contract, etc.: these are all forms of credit, for which you often pay a high interest. You can merge all those small loans into one Personal Loan with a much lower interest rate. Then you have lower monthly costs and a better overview of your finances.

We will look for the Personal Loan with the lowest interest and favorable conditions for you.

Personal Loan or Revolving Credit?

Borrowing money with a Personal loan especially suits you if you like clarity. Do you prefer a flexible loan where you always have money in reserve? Then a Revolving Credit might be a better choice. In that case you have financial scope up to a certain credit limit. You can withdraw repaid amounts again, but you can always repay as much as you want.

Read more about the difference between a Personal Loan and a Revolving Credit .

Personal Loan or Private Lease?

Nowadays you can lease a car and other goods. But some lease contracts are very expensive, and often you are not advised and you cannot easily get off the contract. Do you want to know if you can borrow money better? We compare the costs of the Personal Loan with those of the lease contract and advise you which is the most beneficial for you.

How does a Personal Loan work?

You can take out a Personal Loan if you have a fixed income and if you are between 21 and 74 years old. Your loan amount must match your loan goal. You will therefore always be called in advance by one of our advisers. He looks at your personal and financial situation together with you and explicitly asks about your wishes. Based on this, an advice is issued. If you agree, the money will be in your account within 2 days.

Apply for a personal loan at

Applying for a Personal Loan at is very simple. You do not have to go to the bank with all kinds of paperwork, but you can arrange it online from the comfort of your home. You can immediately see which data is being requested from you and you can easily upload documents. With an online application, the costs are lower and the processing is faster.

Curious about your options? Request a Personal Loan directly online and without obligation. Prefer to consult first? Please contact us on 0318 - 88 88 88.

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Current interest rates Personal Loan

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