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You can make plans into old age. But borrowing money to realize those plans is often more difficult. That is why you can go to for a Senior Loan above the age of 60. What can you expect from this Senior Loan?

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A Senior Loan is intended for people between 60 and 74 years old. After all, they cannot just borrow money everywhere. The risks are greater for lenders in this target group. What are those risks?

  1. After your 67th birthday you probably no longer work. If your loan is still running, you are dependent on your pension income for the repayment. If they are lower than your current income, paying off can be more difficult.
  2. The risk of dying during the term is greater than for a younger person. The bank can then be left with a residual debt.

Because of these risks, lenders are more reluctant to provide people with loans if they are still paying it off during their retirement period. believes that you should also be able to take out a loan above the age of 60. You can therefore come to us for a Senior Loan.

What does that loan entail?

  • A Personal Loan , which you take out together with your partner.
  • For people between 60 and 74 years old with a fixed income.
  • The loan has been repaid for your 78th.

Senior Loan is Personal Loan

The Senior Loan is in the form of a Personal Loan. This means that the loan has a fixed term: you repay it within a set number of months. The interest on your Senior Loan is also fixed for the entire term. Because the interest and the term are fixed, you pay the same monthly amount every month. However, you can always make extra repayments without penalty. In that case, you shorten the term.


  • Fixed interest from 5.9%
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Extra repayments without penalty

Conditions for a Senior Loan

Due to the extra risks for lenders, there are a few conditions attached to the Senior Loan:

  • Senior loan can only be taken out with a partner
  • Retirement income counts
  • Repay before 78th year

Senior loan can only be taken out with a partner

Senior loan can only be taken out with a partner

The Senior Loan can only be taken out for people with a partner with a fixed income. You take out the loan together and are both responsible for the payments. As a single person you are not eligible for a Senior Loan.

If one of you unexpectedly dies before the end of the term, the remaining partner is responsible for the further payment of the loan. Do you both die during the term? Then the remaining loan amount must be repaid in one go. Your next of kin are responsible for this.

Retirement income counts

Retirement income counts

The Senior Loan is intended for people over 60 years of age, who are also still paying off the loan when they retire. But you must have the financial scope during that retirement period to be able to continue the repayment. That is why we ask for your current income when you take out the Senior Loan if you are still employed. In addition, we look at your AOW plus employer's pension if you are already retired at the time of the application or if you retire during the term.

Will you soon only have AOW with possibly a small pension? Then you can often also get a Senior Loan. However, your borrowing options will become smaller, even if your income is quite high now. We are happy to discuss which solutions there are for you.

Repay before 78th year

Repay before 78th year

The Senior Loan has the rule that the amount is fully repaid before your 78th year. This can have consequences for the term. Because at a higher age, a shorter term is possible than when you are just 60. The term also depends on your spending goal . You can take longer to pay off a loan for a holiday home than a loan for home furnishings .

Some examples

John and Lex (both 61 years old)
John and Lex (both 61 years old) want to take out a loan together with a term of 5 years. Because the loan is paid off before they retire, their retirement income is irrelevant to the loan. They can take out a regular Personal Loan and only their current income is considered.

Elise (56) and Fred (63)
Elise (56) and Fred (63) would like to take out a loan with a term of 10 years. They still have payment obligations during Fred's retirement period. Elise and Fred are therefore not eligible for a 'normal' Personal Loan, but for a Senior Citizen Loan. How much they can borrow depends on their current income and Fred's pension income (AOW plus employer's pension).

Pim (70) and Annemiek (67)
Pim (70) and Annemiek (67) want to take out a loan with a term of 10 years. They are both retired and are therefore not eligible for a regular Personal Loan. And because Pim will be 80 years from now in 10 years, they cannot get a Senior Loan with a term of 10 years. After all, the loan must be repaid before Pim is 78. A Senior Loan with a term of 7 years is possible, however, if their pension income offers sufficient scope for this.

Maximum loan amount

The Senior Loan has a maximum loan amount. Homeowners can borrow a maximum of US $ 50,000, tenants a maximum of US $ 35,000. How high your Senior Loan can be, also depends mainly on your income.

Other loan conditions

Of course, all the conditions that apply to loans in general also apply to the Senior Loan. For example, that you live in the Netherlands, have a bank account and that there are no problems with other loans.

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