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If you want to borrow money, you want answers to two questions: " how much money can I borrow" and "what does borrowing money cost" ?

Taking out a loan is not an everyday occurrence for most people. That is why it is nice if you receive personal advice from a qualified advisor with the right financial knowledge and experience. You will receive advice about the loan form, a Personal Loan or a Continuous Credit, the loan amount and additional favorable conditions that may apply to you. is independent, offers favorable interest rates and you have one point of contact.

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More about borrowing money

Borrow money online

Borrowing money online is cheaper than borrowing money from the bank. How is that possible? Simple: an online credit broker does not have expensive office buildings and, thanks to advanced technologies, requires less staff than a traditional bank. The costs of online lending are therefore lower than with a bank. And that is reflected in a lower interest rate.

The second advantage of borrowing money online is convenience. You can control everything from your lazy chair at home via computer, smartphone or tablet. And finally: you borrow responsibly because you always talk to an adviser in advance who will discuss with you which loan is right for you and who will arrange everything for you.

Additional advice for homeowners

If you want to renovate your owner-occupied home, you have two options for financing: increase your mortgage or take out a loan for renovation . If you increase your mortgage, you have to count on additional costs for, for example, an appraiser, notary and advisor. You do not have that with a Personal Loan, while the interest is just as well tax deductible. Moreover, because a loan has a shorter term than a mortgage, it will ultimately be cheaper. Our advisors calculate how big your advantage is.

Can you switch your mortgage to a lower interest rate, but do you have to pay penalty interest? Ask us how you can finance it and whether this solution will really save you money.

Consumptive credit

Consumer credit is understood to mean: loans for private individuals for, for example, a car, caravan, kitchen, holiday or wedding. We offer two types of consumer credit:

Personal loan

You borrow a specific amount once at a fixed interest rate. You pay a fixed monthly amount in interest and repayment and the term is also fixed. This loan form therefore provides a lot of security. If you want to make extra repayments, you can do so at no cost. And if you use the money for home improvement, the interest is tax deductible.

Personal loan

Revolving credit

You can withdraw money up to a certain amount (the credit limit). The interest and term are not fixed. You do pay a fixed monthly amount in interest and repayment, but you can also repay more free of charge. You can withdraw repaid amounts again. This loan form gives you financial scope when you need it.

Revolving credit

Which loan form suits you best depends on your loan goal and your personal and financial situation. We would be happy to talk to you and advise you expertly about the loan that is most suitable in your situation.

What does borrowing money cost

The costs for your loan depend on the loan form, the interest rate, the loan purpose, the term and the loan amount. You pay nothing with us for mediation and advice.

Cost of Personal Loan

The interest is fixed with a personal loan. The term is also determined in advance. So you know exactly what amount you pay per month and in total .

Costs Continuous Credit

With a Revolving Credit, the interest is flexible and can therefore rise or fall. You can also withdraw repaid amounts again, which increases the total costs.

Reduce costs for your loan

The costs of your loan can be reduced in the following ways:

  • If you use the Personal Loan for home improvement, the interest is often tax-deductible. You then benefit from a tax benefit.
  • You can repay both the Personal Loan and the Continuous Credit accelerated free of charge. Your term will then be shorter, so that you pay less interest in total.
  • The interest rate is usually lower with a high loan amount than with a small loan amount. But of course it is all about the total costs. We therefore always charge you what the loan will cost you in total.

How much money can I borrow?

Borrowing is tailor-made and therefore there is no single general answer to the question of how much money you can borrow. The following factors determine your maximum loan amount:

  • Loan purpose: what do you want to use the money for and what amount do you need?
  • Income: what additional fixed monthly costs can you bear with your income?
  • Living situation: with your own home you sometimes have extra loan options.
  • Family situation: with a partner your borrowing options are wider. Your partner must then sign and is jointly responsible for the repayment.
  • Age: You cannot borrow money from us before the age of 21. As a senior you can sometimes borrow money up to your 74th birthday, but the amount must be paid off before your 78th birthday. The loan amount can therefore be lower.
  • BKR coding: if you have other loans, your loan options are smaller. If you have (have had) payment problems with other loans, you cannot take out a loan with us.

Calculate how much you can borrow .

Borrow responsibly

When you borrow money, you enter into a financial obligation. You therefore want to borrow responsibly: know that you are suitable for the loan and that you can pay the monthly payments during the entire term. That is why you never take out a loan at without a prior consultation. We ask for information about your income, living situation and personal circumstances and we want to know what you will spend the money on.

We also ensure that you take out the loan with a reliable lender. And we explain what you can expect from the loan. How high the interest is, how long the term, what your total costs are and what you pay for it monthly. This way you choose a responsible loan that perfectly suits your situation. Do you still have questions after taking out your loan? Our credit specialists are also ready for you.

There are no costs associated with our mediation and our consultation. So you don't pay for that.


The AFM, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets , is an independent organization in the Netherlands that supervises financial service providers. Consumers and companies need to know where they stand when they purchase financial products. That is why the AFM has drawn up guidelines to ensure that financial service providers operate in a clear and honest manner. also falls under the supervision of the AFM.

Anyone who provides consumer credit must have a license from the AFM. This tests whether you as a provider meet the requirements of reliability, expertise and integrity. The AFM also checks whether you do not charge more than the maximum costs.

Under the Financial Supervision Act (Wft), financial service providers must be in possession of the required diplomas. Our advisers are fully trained as specialists in lending. And has all permits and a service document.


The BKR, Credit Registration Office registers all loans above 250 us dollar and with a term longer than 3 months. These are your loans and your mortgage, but also the lease car, the telephone subscription and an installment purchase. Lenders use the information from the BKR to assess whether you can get a new loan or mortgage.

A registration with the BKR does not have to mean that you cannot borrow money. If your income is high enough, you can take out a new loan. It is important that you do not have or have had no payment arrears. In that case you have a negative registration. It is then not possible to take out a new loan with us

Borrowing money without BKR testing is also not possible with us. We want you to take out a responsible loan and without testing we cannot assess whether the loan matches your financial capacity. Then the risks are too high for us.

Transferring / merging loans

A overdraft, a credit card debt, an installment purchase and a loan. Do you have several credits outstanding? That is expensive because you often pay the main price in interest. A pity, but there is a solution: Take out one loan and use it to settle all your debts. With the new loan you can benefit from better conditions and a lower interest rate. One large loan is also cheaper than several small loans. And, very nice: you have a better overview of your monthly costs.

Did you take out a Personal Loan a few years ago? Then there is a good chance that the interest you pay is higher than the current interest. Therefore, ask us if you can transfer your existing loan . We look for the loan with which you are better off.

Reliable lenders

If you want to borrow money, you do not necessarily have to go to the bank where your checking account is also located. Because there are many more lenders in the Netherlands who are also often cheaper and offer better conditions. You do not have to look for a suitable loan yourself. We are happy to do that for you. does business with various lenders. We have selected these on the basis of reliability, customer focus, interest rates offered and favorable loan conditions. Your wishes and options are our starting point to find the loan that suits you best from this wide range of lenders and their specific products. Request a quote without obligation or contact us for appropriate advice.

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