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You can easily compare loans and interest rates online with the tool below. You can see what you pay when you borrow a certain amount. You can calculate this for a Personal Loan and for a Revolving Credit.

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Compare Interest Personal Loan

Enter the desired loan amount and choose the loan form Personal Loan . Then select the term. You will then immediately see the interest rate and your monthly amount per lender. You will also see the main characteristics of the credit provider and the product under Product characteristics. And under Cost overview you will find the amount that you pay in total in interest and repayment. The interest is fixed, so the data does not change. Only if you make extra repayments in the meantime, this will affect your term. It will then become shorter.

Compare Interest Continuous Credit

Enter the desired loan amount and choose the loan form Continuous Credit . Then select your desired monthly payment. You will then see per lender which interest is currently charged for it. You will also see the main characteristics of the credit provider and the product under Product characteristics. And under Cost overview you will find the amount that you pay in total in interest and repayment. Keep in mind that the interest is variable. If the rate rises or falls in the meantime, the term and the total price will also change. Even if you withdraw the repaid amount again, the term will be longer and the total price will go up.

Compare loans, what do you pay attention to?

Compare Loan Interest

Do you want the lowest interest on a Personal Loan? Then remember that the conditions may be less good at a low interest rate. Also good to know: the interest on a high loan amount is usually lower than the interest on a low loan amount. It is therefore better to have one high loan than several small loans. And then you also have fixed and variable interest. A Personal Loan has a fixed interest rate: that rate does not change during the term. A Revolving Credit has a variable interest. That rate can therefore rise or fall and that in turn affects your term.

Compare monthly amounts

Of course you want to know how much you spend on your loan per month. You pay a fixed monthly amount for both a Personal Loan and a Continuous Credit. That monthly amount consists of two parts. A repayment part, with which you pay off the loan step by step and an interest part, the amount that you owe in compensation. The amount of the monthly amount depends on:

  1. The loan amount. The lower the loan amount, the lower your monthly amount
  2. The interest. The lower the interest, the lower your monthly amount
  3. The term. The longer the term, the lower your monthly amount.

Compare conditions

Loans differ in terms. These determine, for example, the maximum amount that you can borrow and up to what age you can take out a loan. Or within what term the loan must be repaid. Sometimes as a home owner you have more and cheaper options to borrow money. Also handy: the option to take a payment break if the payments are not convenient. Or insurance in case you die before the end of the term. We will discuss with you in advance which conditions suit your wishes. This way you can make a good choice.

Cost overview

Do you want to compare Personal Loans? Then know that the interest and the monthly amount do not say everything about your total costs. The term is also important in that regard. With a long term, you are stuck with your payments for longer. In total you will then spend more on interest costs. If you opt for a short term, your total costs will be lower. But the disadvantage is that your monthly amount is higher because you have to pay off the loan faster. With a Revolving Credit, it is not possible to say with certainty in advance how high your total costs will be. Because if you withdraw repaid amounts again or if the interest changes, this has consequences for your costs.

Lenders works together with various lenders . They all have their own conditions and rates. We always carefully check which loan from which lender suits you. But of course you can also compare the different providers yourself. What you can count on in any case is that the parties we work with are under AFM supervision and adhere to strict rules for lending. This means that you can borrow safely and responsibly from a reliable bank. You always receive personal advice and your interests are central.


Are other people satisfied with's services and the loans they have taken out with us? You can of course also include their reviews in your considerations. But keep in mind that borrowing is always tailor-made. What is a perfect credit for one person may not be a good choice in your situation. That is why it remains very important to get advice in advance. Our specialists know the products and know what is important in your situation. Do you think we have helped you well? Then we appreciate that you leave a review for subsequent visitors.

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