Bank error in your favor : an expertise credit

Banks are stealing us. But thanks to Dionnere and Dessare, we will be able to recover money, thanks to a mistake made by the bankers when they make a loan. This is the promise, but calm! It is not so simple.

The Dessare is filled with promises for those who have a real estate credit

The Dessareloan is filled with promises for those who have a <a href=real estate credit” width=”444″ height=”300″ />

    A few years ago, humorist Dionnere embarked on finance, with Dessare. With its success, it now offers the Dessare, with its credit expertise services, in ” rebellion ” against the powerful players in the sector, to be free from big capital and finance that rots the world. Just that. The phrase that is found everywhere, the “slogan” in a way of Dessare we summarizes all the philosophy sold behind this service that would be innovative and supportive.

    We will take advantage of an industrial accident to finance and build our revolution. Since the world can not be changed, let’s change worlds.

    Nice promise, I agree right away, but look at his twin Dessare, which is ultimately only an insurance broker like another, or almost. They negotiate the best deal for their client with insurance companies. Nothing rebellious, nothing extraordinary, it is the work of a broker. The major difference is their fees : they are paid by the customer, not by the banks, giving them total freedom to really choose the best deal.

    But insurance comparators, who are also brokers, are already doing very well, and for the most part, free of charge : they offer the client several quotes, classified from the cheapest to the most expensive. They are indeed paid on commission by the insurer chosen by the client, but where is the problem? The customer still gets the best quote !

    I see in speech a lot of elements of marketing, advertising, but he did not invent anything, and the competition is also present! In any case, it’s the game of advertising, to you to believe if he is sincere or not when he tells you that he would like to found a bank solidarity and independent. Personally, I prefer when he makes funny sketches.

    The most common error is based on the calculation of interest using the Lombardy year of 360 days. This is an illegal method and already condemned by the Court of Cassation.

    The year of Lombardy, or banking year, is a calculation made over 12 months of 30 days, or 360 days.

    Other errors may concern loan insurance, notary fees, brokerage fees. Even the purchase of shares if the loan was made in a mutual bank. If these charges are not found in the TEG, then it is wrong. Otherwise, there are more classic mistakes: wrongful or missing mentions can also condemn the lender.

    It must be confessed one thing, in light of what has just been exposed: we do not improvise expert overnight.

    For the error to be taken into account, the rate gap must be at least 0.1% : for example, if the TEG subscribes with the error was 3.2% and the “true” TEG is actually 3.1%, we can start legal proceedings.

    Namely: if the credit was signed less than 5 years ago, we can start a lawsuit. If the credit is older, it will be necessary to prove that one does not have “particular knowledge in credit”: it is up to the judge to appreciate it. We understand that from the moment you have a report from an expert reporting an error in the TEG, we have 5 years to go to court. If the credit was signed more than 20 years ago, there is a prescription.

     We put “credit” in “By heading or specialty fine” and informs his department. Warning: there are not many specialized experts, there may be none in your department.

    MarKet’s review


    The whole difference between Dessare and the competition rests on this alleged revolt against the powerful, while waiting to be able to create a real bank. This is only a marketing facade in my opinion, for a service that seems however correct on paper. We will know more in two or three years, when the first judicial decisions begin to fall.

    Before embarking on a perilous legal venture, go to your banker to renegotiate your credit. If you really suspect a big mistake and do not have any particular sympathy, go see the competition and what they offer. There is much to be gained, certainly, but also a lot of worries to be made if we miss the money that we advance for the judicial process.