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If you take out a loan, you do not want to pay too much for it. You prefer to borrow money cheaply. But how do you know how expensive or how cheap a loan is? For this you must have insight into the total costs of your loan.

Fixed interest from 3.5%
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Fixed monthly costs
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Borrow cheap money. What determines the costs of your loan?

The total costs of a loan consist of the amount that you pay off plus the interest that you pay. You know the amount to be repaid. But how high is the interest? The cost of your interest depends on two important factors:

  1. The interest rate. The interest rate is a percentage of the loan amount that the lender charges. You can borrow cheaply with a low interest rate. If the interest rate is high, your loan will become more expensive. The interest rate depends on several factors, such as the interest that lenders have to pay themselves and other costs they incur. When borrowing money online , such as at, those costs are low. Borrowing money cheaply is therefore certainly possible with us. At you can already take out a loan from 3.5% interest.

    Furthermore, the interest rate depends on the loan amount. A higher loan amount usually has a somewhat lower interest rate. It can therefore be beneficial to merge small loans and convert low loan amounts into one loan with a higher loan amount.

  2. The term. You pay interest throughout the term. It is therefore logical that you will spend less on interest costs the shorter the term of your loan. A loan with a term of 60 months is cheaper than the same loan with a term of 72 months. But your monthly costs are lower again with a long term. At you can therefore determine the term of your loan yourself. The term must only match your loan goal. But we are happy to discuss that with you.

Borrowing cheap money is therefore partly in your own hands by making the right choices. Do you find that difficult? Then we are ready to advise you. Request a quote or contact us to discuss your wishes and options in advance.

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Which loan form to borrow cheaply?

If you want to apply for a cheap loan, the interest rate is very important. But the interest rate is not fixed for every loan form. For example, with a Revolving Credit , you have a variable interest. That interest can rise. Your monthly costs will not increase, but the term will be longer. This increases the total costs of your loan. But variable interest can also fall. Then your term will be shorter and the total costs will be lower.

Do you want to be sure that the interest rate remains the same throughout the term? Then a Personal Loan suits you better. The interest, term and monthly amount of your loan will not change in the period that you are repaying. This way you know exactly how much the loan costs in total and when you have repaid the loan.

Revolving credit

  • Variable interest from 4.5%
  • Variable duration
  • Record again in the meantime
  • Extra repayments without penalty

Personal loan

  • Fixed interest from 3.5%
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Extra repayments without penalty

Only pay attention to the costs?

Are only the interest rate and the term important if you want to borrow money? No. The most important thing is that you borrow responsibly and safely. That is why we proceed carefully before we take out a loan for you. Of course, cheap borrowing is one of the most important things we look at. But we also check which loan form suits your financial situation and your loan goal.

Why choose

  • Low interest
    Thanks to our digital working method and years of experience, we save on our costs. This is reflected in our low interest rate. You can therefore borrow cheaply.

  • Freedom of choice
    You have a lot of freedom to choose the term and the loan form.

  • Professional advice
    Our credit experts will go through your application and contact you to advise you on which loan is right for you.

  • Clarity about the costs
    You will receive a clear overview of your costs from us. We show you what your monthly amount is, but also how high the total costs of your loan are.

  • No unexpected costs
    We do not charge any administration or consultancy costs. You only pay interest and repayment.

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Do you want to apply for a loan? You can submit a quote request to us online and without obligation. We will contact you to ensure that you take out the loan that best suits your personal situation. You will then receive the quotation from us. A number of documents are required to complete the application to the bank; you can upload it in your personal and secure online environment. If the bank approves, the money will be in your account within 2 working days.


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The money in your account

We will handle the rest for you free of charge. The money will be in your account within 2 working days.

Do you need personal advice?

Taking out a loan can be a big step. You may have a lot of questions or you want to check whether the loan you have in mind is really the best and cheapest option. We think that is completely normal and that is why our team of credit specialists is ready to give you the advice you need.

Call, email or chat with our team. We are happy to help you.

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