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Have a garage built or create extra space with an extension ? Or maybe a new car is on your wish list. How do you finance this? Borrowing money as a home owner means that you can opt for our home owner Personal Loan. This is the new name for the WOZ credit. This loan, with a minimum loan amount of € 10,000 and a maximum amount of € 75,000, has been specially developed for people with an owner-occupied home.

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Borrow money for homeowners

With this loan you can borrow money online more cheaply. You have an owner-occupied home and this offers the bank more security in relation to people with a rental home (an owner-occupied home has value; a rental home does not). You can borrow more at a lower interest.

Nowadays, anyone who owns a home can apply for a home owner's Personal Loan. With the former WOZ credit, equity on the home was a requirement. That no longer applies. You also no longer need a valuation report. However, an assessment at the BKR is still part of the application. Of course we also look at your total financial situation, so that it is a responsible loan that you take out.


Just like a “normal” Personal Loan, this loan has a fixed interest rate and term. You pay the same amount in repayment and interest every month so that the loan is fully paid off at the end of the term. You borrow at a low fixed interest rate.

In the meantime, you can always make extra repayments on the loan free of charge. You shorten the term of the loan; the monthly costs remain the same. Ultimately, thanks to the extra repayments, you pay less credit back to the bank.

In the event of a renovation or home improvement of the first home, the interest costs are also tax deductible . You do not have to spend the loan amount of a homeowner's Personal Loan on improving the home; the loan is independent of the spending purpose. However, the tax benefit does not apply. Visit for more information.


The costs of a homeowner Personal Loan are different per situation. It depends on the amount of the loan and the associated interest. Via our calculation tool you can calculate online what the loan will cost you each month during the term of your choice.


  • Attractive low interest rate thanks to owner-occupied home
  • Security thanks to fixed interest and term
  • Always make extra repayments free of charge
  • No valuation report required
  • No closing and advice costs
  • The request is processed by the bank within two working days (provided that the customer has provided all correct documentation in accordance with the list of documents). After a positive result, the money can be credited to your account within two working days.
  • Tax benefit if the loan is used for the improvement or renovation of the home
  • The borrowed money does not have to be spent on renovating or improving the home; spending target is free.
  • You can request a loan from the age of 21 to 74 (you have repaid the entire loan at the end of the term)

Converting part of a mortgage into a Personal Loan

You can convert part of your mortgage into a homeowner's Personal Loan. That may not sound logical, but we have now significantly reduced the annual costs for various customers in this way. Chances are that you too will benefit from a conversion to a homeowner Personal Loan.

Would you like to receive a personal calculation example? Contact our advisor ; he makes a custom calculation.

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Do you own a house and do you want to apply for a loan with a low interest rate? Then complete the application form for a homeowner Personal Loan . Our advisor will contact you to discuss the application. You will then receive a free and non-binding offer that fully meets your wishes.

Below you will find an indication of the interest rates for different loan amounts.

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