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How do you finance a holiday home?

You have caught your eye on a holiday home. How do you arrange financing? If you have some of your own money, you can use it and finance the rest of the amount with a loan. Don't have your own resources? Arrange financing with a mortgage or take out a loan. A difficult choice? We put the facts side by side so that you can choose the most suitable option that matches your wishes and your financial and personal situation.

A mortgage or a loan? The facts at a glance

You can take out a second mortgage for the holiday home. If you have equity on your owner-occupied home, it may be an option to use this to finance this second home. Keep in mind that you are not eligible for interest deduction with a second mortgage. You only have this tax advantage with a first home.

Maximum 75% mortgage
Taking out a second mortgage is not self-evident. The rules surrounding mortgage lending are becoming increasingly strict. Banks are cautious and close a maximum of 75% of the value of the second home in the event of a second mortgage. You have to finance the remaining part in a different way.

Notary fees
Taking out a mortgage entails additional costs. You have to pay the broker / appraiser and notary and you will be charged advice and closing costs. There are exceptions to notary fees to be paid: in the case of a (mobile) caravan you do not have to deal with a notary. This also applies if you buy your holiday home from a recreation park. With a loan you never have to deal with these extra costs. In addition, taking out a loan is faster than increasing a mortgage.

Partial financing

You partially finance the holiday home if you do not have enough money of your own or if you do not want to invest all your money in the home. Money that you invest in your holiday home is no longer freely withdrawable and disposable, after all, it is in your “investment”. If you want to keep money freely disposable and withdrawable, it is a good idea to use some of your equity and finance the rest.

Financing with a loan

The maximum amount of the loan amount depends, among other things, on the type of holiday home. Is it a (mobile) caravan, chalet or an apartment? We have a suitable responsible loan with low interest rates from 3.5% for every loan goal.

Personal Loan or Revolving Credit

In theory you can choose a Personal Loan or a Revolving Credit . A Personal Loan offers security thanks to the fixed interest, term and monthly charges. The bank pays you the total loan amount once, so that you can pay for the house or chalet. You are debt-free on the maturity date.

Opting for a Revolving Credit means flexible borrowing. You decide when and how much of your loan amount you withdraw. The interest and term are variable, the monthly payments are not.

You may make additional repayments on both the Personal Loan and the Continuous Credit during the term. You do not receive a tax benefit with a loan for a holiday home; interest costs are only deductible for a first home.

In practice, we recommend a Personal Loan for the recreational home loan purpose. We offer favorable conditions with all loans.

Personal loan

  • Fixed interest from 3.5%
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Extra repayments without penalty

Destination second home

Financing a second home as an investment, or are you buying it for your child (ren)? Our credit specialists can think along about capital growth through favorable investments and investments, how you can use the returns from rental income wisely or how you can help the children on their way to their first home. Whatever the goal is for your second home, we think along with you and ensure that you take out the most suitable loan. You can also contact us if you only need a loan for part of the purchase price of the holiday home.

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