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December 28, 2020

Lender & Spender has lowered interest rates for a number of loan amounts as of December 25, 2020. For amounts of 5,000 us dollar and 10,000 us dollar, Lender & Spender is currently the cheapest provider in the Netherlands. Take out a loan now and fulfill your wishes.

Time and time again, lenders have cut interest rates on loans over the past year. This often involved higher loan amounts, from 50,000 us dollars. But not everyone needs such a high loan amount. For a car or a simple renovation, you can be ready for less than 10,000 us dollars. Good to know that you can now also save money for a lower loan amount.

Borrow 5,000 or 10,000 cheaply

Lender & Spender has recently lowered the interest for a number of amounts. You can now take out a personal loan of USD 5,000 there at an interest rate of 6.2% and at USD 10,000 there is an interest rate of 4.9%. Those are very attractive percentages. Lender & Spender is currently the cheapest in the Dutch market for these amounts. You can also borrow an amount of 15,000 us dollar from Lender & Spender at a rate from 4.1%. How much interest you will pay exactly depends on your financial and personal situation. The rates mentioned are therefore starting rates. Do you want to know what you are going to pay? Then request a quote.

Low interest, excellent conditions

Lender & Spender is not a bank in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, you borrow money from other consumers and companies, so without the intervention of a bank. Not only do you benefit from a low interest rate, the conditions of Lender & Spender are also excellent. For example, you have a reflection period. If, on closer inspection, you still want to waive the personal loan, you can cancel the loan free of charge and return the money within 14 days after you have received the money.

Apply for a Lender & Spender loan

You can easily apply for a Lender & Spender loan online at Because the processing is done digitally, the costs remain low and you also benefit from a low interest rate. In addition, we always advise you personally to discuss which loan and which loan amount best suit you and your loan goal. Do you want advice and a calculation

Please contact us or request a quote .

Written by:
  • Gerbert van de Bovenkamp
  • Credit adviser
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