4 consequences of non-payment of credit.

Unforeseen circumstances may be such that you can no longer settle and deal with the monthly payments of your credit: loss of employment, death, illness, etc. According to the CEB, in June 2017, 545,399 people (representing a decrease of 0.8% compared to June 2016) showed non-payment on their loans. This non-payment, also known as unpaid […]

Bank error in your favor : an expertise credit

Banks are stealing us. But thanks to Dionnere and Dessare, we will be able to recover money, thanks to a mistake made by the bankers when they make a loan. This is the promise, but calm! It is not so simple. The Dessare is filled with promises for those who have a real estate credit […]

Low-interest loans – Here’s the tips!

Although interest rates have fallen steadily in recent years, the burden of interest on a loan still plays an important role. In times when consumer credits are being advertised more and more frequently with the 0 percent interest rate, it is important to ensure that the conditions do not become a problem during the repayment […]

Ranking of payday loans – November 2017

November 1, 2017 In November, our budget may breathe a bit. Holidays are over, younger children went to school and the older ones started their student year. Until Christmas two more months, but if we want – now we can think about gifts. The sooner we start looking for presents, the calmer the search will […]

3 key points if you want to sell your mortgage portfolio

Acquiring a mortgage does not always mean that you should stay with it until you complete paying it. On the contrary, promoting your mortgage debt could be a good alternative to avoid monetary problems. The particular payment of a mortgage loan is really a process that can take up in order to more than twenty […]