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February 4, 2019

The BKR (Credit Registration Office) aims to promote the financial well-being of consumers. That is why the BKR keeps track of exactly which consumers are in arrears and which consumers pay their installments on time.

The BKR assigns scores to consumer behavior. If someone regularly pays late or is in arrears, he will be penalized with a low BKR score. If someone has his affairs in order, this is rewarded with a high BKR score.

Strangely enough, requesting quotes for loans is also a reason for the BKR to assign a low BKR score. This is because the BKR sees hopping from one lender to another lender as risky. What is overlooked here, however, is that requesting different offers is often precisely aimed at making a financially well-considered decision.

Due to the current system, the financially conscious consumer who is actively looking for the best rates is the victim. The BKR itself also sees that this is an undesirable situation and will adjust the scoring method . It is still unknown when the new method will take effect.

Moneyou stops

Moneyou disappears from the Netherlands. Switch to another lender

August 14, 2020
Maximum interest rate down to 10 percent

Maximum credit compensation per August 10 to 10%

August 3, 2020
Nationale Nederlanden will stop using Continuous Credit

Nationale-Nederlanden will stop using Continuous Credit

June 29, 2020

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