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Free access to BKR - registration in 2019


May 15, 2019

If you have taken out financing, it will be registered with the BKR. Before you take out a loan, we also test at Stichting BKR. This is required by law. By doing an assessment at Stichting BKR, we can see which other financing options you have already taken out. We can then also see whether there are any backlogs on current financing. Many people do not know that they are registered with the BKR.

Good news
Now there is good news for you, from April 2019 requesting your own data from the Credit Registration Office (BKR) has become free! You can now easily and quickly request your own BKR registration. To protect your own privacy and that of others, it is only possible to request your own data free of charge. If you want to take out a loan with a partner, you can both request their own registration, this is also free of charge. This way you can avoid being in for a surprise when you apply for financing from us.

What has changed?
Since 1 December last year, all credits from € 250 ( such as overdrafts on the current account) and with a term of longer than 1 month have been registered. Many people are not aware that an overdraft on a current account, credit card or a mobile phone, purchased with a two-year subscription, is registered at the BKR. Registrations exist for 5 years and can cause serious problems when taking out loans and credits, such as a mortgage.

How does it work?
Requesting your BKR can easily be done via the website of the BKR via IDIN. IDIN is a service developed by banks to identify you securely and easily at other organizations without separate passwords or complicated identification methods. You log in through your own bank. This way ensures that Stichting BKR can immediately receive the necessary information that is known to your own bank. This means you no longer have to remember separate passwords, because you log in via your own trusted bank. This method of online identification has been increasingly used by governments and companies such as banks and insurance companies since 2017.

Due to the great interest, the processing of your credit statement may take a little longer than usual.

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