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Also borrow cheap money in the new year due to low interest


February 16, 2016

You can also borrow cheap money in 2016! Not only did the year start with historically low interest rates. Interest is expected to remain low. Or possibly even falling further. You benefit from this when borrowing.

Since February 1, you have already taken out a personal loan at the low interest rate from 4.6%. You can even take out a revolving credit from 4.4% interest. Request a quote right away.

Borrow cheap money for banks

That interest rates are so low is the result of actions by the European Central Bank (ECB) . The ECB is trying to tackle the financial crisis, among other things by lending banks cheap money. The low interest rate makes it attractive to take out a loan in order to make purchases. At the same time, saving money is discouraged. In this way, the ECB hopes to stimulate spending in the euro countries.

Lower interest again

Until now, these crisis measures have not had the desired effect. In 2015, the ECB did not get inflation to the level it had envisioned. That is why it was decided last December to extend the measures until 2017. This resulted in a further reduction in interest rates and, according to experts, will have a depressing effect on interest rates throughout the year.

Loan interest rates

Interest rates are likely to remain at their current low levels for at least the first months of 2016. It is even possible that interest rates will fall even further. Later in the year, the development of the economy will become more important for the level of interest. But the economic recovery is fragile. Sufficient reason to keep an eye on the development of interest rates in the near future.

Moneyou stops

Moneyou disappears from the Netherlands. Switch to another lender

August 14, 2020
Maximum interest rate down to 10 percent

Maximum credit compensation per August 10 to 10%

August 3, 2020
Nationale Nederlanden will stop using Continuous Credit

Nationale-Nederlanden will stop using Continuous Credit

June 29, 2020

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