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Whether and how much money you can borrow differs per situation

Borrowing money is custom work, so there is no standard answer to the question of how much you can borrow . We map out your situation in advance. Do you live alone or together, do you have a BKR registration, do you own your own house? These are just some of the questions we ask to properly assess your personal and financial data. Based on all the answers, we will make a free and non-binding proposal stating whether and how much money you can borrow from us at what interest rate and conditions.

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Different situations

A risk analysis is made with every new loan application. We show what happens to the loan if you become unemployed, incapacitated for work or die. You can insure yourself for the financial risks involved so that you or your next of kin do not get into trouble during these often unexpected events.

Lenders look at your personal and financial situation to get a picture of the possible risks of not meeting the payment obligation of the loan. The better the customer's profile, the lower the interest can be, depending on the loan amount. Not only the amount of your income determines the amount of your loan. In the overview below you can see which factors determine your maximum loan amount.

  • Living situation
  • Work situation
  • Family situation
  • Age
  • BKR coding

Living situation

Living situation

Do you live in a house for sale or in a rental house? When granting a loan, the bank always looks at the financial scope that someone has; after all, with a loan you enter into a financial obligation. A house for sale and a rental house entail different costs. In general, the situation of a consumer with a house to own is more stable; the bank gives you a slightly lower interest rate because of this security.

Work situation

Work situation

The income largely determines how much you can borrow. It is not always possible to take out a loan without income from employment. Not only the level of your income is decisive, its stability also counts; the more stable the income is, the more the bank lends you.

  • Permanent or temporary contract

    A permanent contract offers security for the fulfillment of the payment obligation. The interest that the bank offers is lower with a permanent contract than with a temporary contract. Borrowing with a temporary contract is possible, but not all banks include the full income in the calculation. The security for the bank with this type of employment is less and that is why you pay more interest at some banks and you get a lower maximum loan amount. Our advisor can provide more information about this.
  • Working as an entrepreneur

    As an entrepreneur you can borrow money from the bank for private purposes. There are a number of conditions: you have been employed within the company for more than three years, the company is profitable and you have positive equity and a positive BKR registration. The bank determines the amount of the loan on the basis of the last three annual accounts. We only mediate for customers who receive income from employment.
  • Payment

    Depending on the type of benefit, we assess whether a loan is possible. We and the banks do not see benefits as a stable form of income.
    • Do you have an IVA, AOW or WAO benefit and are you no longer being tested? Then you are eligible for a loan that is in most cases based on your full income
    • Will you still be re-examined or do you have a WGA or WAJONG benefit? A maximum of 70% of the payment is seen by the bank as income.
    • It is not possible to apply for a loan with unemployment benefits or unemployment benefits.
  • Retirement

    In most cases, taking out a loan with a pension is no problem. The lender does look at your age. This is because maximum ages have been set for taking out loans:
    • you can take out a loan until you are 74.
    • a Revolving Credit can no longer be taken out after the age of 65.

Family situation

Family situation

Do you still live at home or are you resident? Are you married or do you live alone? These factors weigh in the assessment of whether and how much money you can borrow. If you live at home and you have temporary employment, you cannot apply for a loan. If you have a family, you have more and higher fixed monthly costs than someone alone. As a single person you can generally borrow a higher amount.



There is a minimum and a maximum age for taking out a loan. You can take out a personal loan from the age of 21 to the age of 69. The minimum age for a Revolving Credit is the same, the maximum age is 65 years. Banks want the loan or credit to be fully repaid before the age of 74.

BKR coding

BKR coding

A BKR code can be positive or negative. In case of payment problems, you have a negative registration. When applying for a loan, the lender always checks the BKR register. Is there a negative registration behind your name? Then you cannot apply for a loan. Don't have negative coding? Then you can in principle take out a new loan, provided you have not yet reached your credit limit.

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