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Managed Remuneration Policy

Remuneration policy objective

Our remuneration policy is primarily aimed at promoting, attracting and retaining well-qualified employees. All this within controlled and ethical business operations and aimed at the long term. This means, among other things, that where possible we will prevent employees from being incentivized by the rewards to treat the customer carelessly and to fail to fulfill our duty of care.

In addition, with our remuneration policy we want to focus on the long-term interests of our customers and company. A healthy, stimulating effect must also be emanated from the remuneration policy used.

The remuneration policy is part of the personnel policy. We have recorded the requirements and competencies that we set for our employees / advisers in the job profiles drawn up.

The responsibilities with regard to personnel and remuneration policy are laid down in, among other things, a process description and work instructions.

Remuneration policy principles

The following (general) principles are used when drawing up our remuneration policy.

The remuneration system must meet the following points:

  • Market in line with the recruitment and retention of well-qualified personnel
  • Socially responsible / justified
  • Customer interest comes first
  • Long-term goal
  • Transparent
  • Simple
  • Comply with laws and regulations
  • No variable income
  • Advisor provides appropriate advice at all times

Description of remuneration structure

The salary consists of the following components, which are elaborated in the next paragraph: Fixed salary / expense allowance. The remuneration policy applies to staff and management.

Reward description

The following remuneration components occur within our company:

  1. Salary (holiday pay / thirteenth month). These rewards are in line with the market. Classification depends, among other things, on age, knowledge and experience. An 8% holiday allowance is paid annually. A (periodic) wage increase can take place annually. The criteria for this are laid down in the section assessment and salary increase.
  2. Non-contributory pension.
  3. Expenses. The employees receive a travel allowance within fiscally permitted possibilities. There are also reimbursements for business telephone costs and study costs. This requires an agreement from the management.

Compensation model company

Our company always acts in the interest of our customer and will provide appropriate advice and mediate completely independently and objectively.

Our reward consists of the following options:

  • Remuneration based on commission (by provider)

These forms of remuneration are made known and made transparent to the customer in our service document. The remuneration policy is an extension of the company's earnings model.

Risk management

Our remuneration policy is always aimed at preventing negligent treatment of customers. An incorrect / uncontrolled remuneration policy can affect our company with regard to:

  • Continuity of business
  • Manageability of personnel costs
  • Careless handling of customer interests
  • Staff turnover

We have made a risk analysis of our remuneration policy, providing insight into the risks together with the measures taken that have been incorporated into the remuneration policy. This analysis will be performed annually.

Assessment and salary increase

The supervisor holds an assessment interview annually. Agreements and goals are set. These goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound) formulated and can be influenced by the employees.

The following (performance) criteria are taken into account in the assessment / salary increase /

  • Professional competence / expertise
  • Flexibility (no 9 -5 mentality)
  • Quality advice. These are assessed by internal audits / 4-eyes principle.
  • Collegiality
  • Commercial results (new production, retention, aftercare, etc.)
  • Commercial advisory skills
  • Independence
  • Customer focus
  • Motivation

In addition to the personal goals, the company goals also play a role in the assessment. Management of the quality of service is of paramount importance to us.

Remuneration policy transparency

Our remuneration policy is transparent and is communicated on our website and in our service document, among other things. In addition to stating the method of remuneration for our services, we also indicate how our employees are remunerated.

We provide insight into the relationship between remuneration policy and careful customer treatment (the customer comes first). A controlled remuneration model does not provide any incentives that could lead to irresponsible risks and careless treatment of customers.

In the service document and / or on our website, we mention the text that reads as follows: “Our services focus on the interests of our customers. This is reflected in the way in which we reward our employees. Our employees are only remunerated on the basis of a fixed salary. There is therefore no variable remuneration, so that the customer's interests come first. We direct our employees to qualification, integrity, diligence and customer satisfaction. The assessment of these behavioral requirements determines the fixed income of our employees. ”

Remuneration policy evaluation

Each year, those responsible carry out an evaluation of the remuneration policy and a risk analysis, in which the various aspects of the remuneration policy are examined:

  • Does the remuneration policy still meet the formulated objectives and principles?
  • Are there changes in legislation and regulations that have which consequences for the remuneration policy?
  • Should performance criteria be revised or expanded?
  • Are there employees who qualify for a salary increase? What are these based on?

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