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Financing a camper

Getting out and about with a camper, that is combining freedom with a feeling of home. You can borrow money for a camper at The quotation will be in your mailbox within 24 hours. And we also advise you free of charge about the camper loan that suits you best. Do you want a loan for a camper? Request a quote from

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Borrow money for a camper

Before you borrow money for a camper, it is good to see how much money you actually need. Below are three points to watch out for:

  • Calculate the total cost of the camper . How much will it cost to purchase and use it. So also think of road tax, camper insurance and fuel. But also calculate how much you will save on your holiday trips.
  • Think about how long you expect to use the camper . If you think you can drive in it for 5 years, take out a camper loan with the same or a shorter term.
  • Find out what is more convenient in your situation: a new or a used camper . A new camper is more expensive, but lasts longer. A second-hand camper is cheaper, but requires more maintenance and you can use it for less time.

When you have determined these points, it is time to take out an affordable and suitable loan for the camper.

Loan for a camper, the benefits

  • Money for the camper to your account within 2 days
  • Loan term to be adjusted to useful life
  • Both for new and used motorhomes
  • Extra repayments without penalty

Why finance a camper with

If you buy a camper, the dealer can offer to pay for it in installments. But watch out! Buying on installment is more expensive than expected , because often the maximum interest is charged. Moreover, you take out the loan without personal advice. So you do not know whether the financing of the camper suits your situation.

At you can count on personal advice. We discuss how much money you borrow for the camper and whether the term of the camper loan is in proportion to the duration of use. We also advise you which is more convenient: a Personal Loan or a Revolving Credit. And because we work with many credit providers, we always find the loan with the lowest interest.

Which loan for a camper is right for you?

You can choose from two types of credit for your camper.

Personal loan for a camper

A Personal Loan is very suitable to finance a camper. You borrow the amount you need in one go. You agree in advance in how many months you will pay off the camper loan and what your monthly amount is. This way you know exactly where you stand and you can adjust the duration to the useful life of the camper. Moreover, you can always make extra repayments without penalty.

Continuous credit for a motorhome

Do you want to buy a camper, but also keep money on hand for extra expenses such as locks, inventory or bicycle carriers? Then you can also take out a Continuous Credit to finance your camper. You may withdraw repaid amounts again, so you have extra financial space. Your monthly amount is fixed, but you can make additional repayments as much as you want.

Current interest rates Personal Loan and Revolving Credit

View the current interest rates for a Personal Loan and Revolving Credit for a camper.

  • With a Personal Loan, the minimum term is 6 months and the maximum term is 120 months.
  • The minimum interest with a Personal Loan is 3.5% and the maximum legal interest is 10%.

  • With a Revolving Credit, the minimum term is 1 month. The maximum term depends on the interest, additional repayments and additional withdrawals.
  • The minimum interest with a Revolving Credit is 4.5% and the maximum legal interest is 10%.

  • There are no additional costs.

Apply for a loan for a camper at

Do you want to borrow money for a camper? Request a quote for a camper loan at and you will receive the proposal within 24 hours. We work together with various lenders in the Netherlands and therefore always find the loan with the lowest interest and excellent conditions. And with us you do not pay any advice or closing costs.

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