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Buy municipal land

Buy adjoining municipal land or an allotment? This wish can be realized. With us you arrange the financing of your land purchase by taking out a consumer credit. The extra land is a good investment; you get more land in your possession and the value of land is very stable and often even increasing. You have the option of placing an extension on that extra land so that your house will also be worth more thanks to the extra space.

Financing options

You want to expand your own land by purchasing the current municipal garden. What financing options do you have? To finance the land, you can choose to buy on installment (if this is offered as an option), co-finance with your mortgage or take out a consumer credit .

Installment purchase

Buying on installment, a form of buying on credit, seems like a practical solution: you take possession of the land and pay back the purchase amount plus interest in monthly installments afterwards. You do not have to go to the notary for this form of financing, which you do if you are financing the land with a mortgage. The interest that is charged for the option buy on pay off is high. You often pay the maximum permitted interest of 14% instead of the current low interest rates , in addition to the high purchase price of the land itself.

Increase mortgage

Increasing your current mortgage for the purchase of your land means taking advantage of a low interest rate, but you do have to go to the notary, you pay new closing costs for the increase of the mortgage and the processing time is long. You also pay interest for a period of 30 years. Compared to a consumer credit, the interest on a mortgage is slightly lower, but due to the long term, you are still more expensive in the long run. The maximum term of a loan is ten years.

Consumptive credit

Your own bank will advise you not to arrange the land purchase through a mortgage, but will make you a proposal for taking out a consumer credit. The interest that the major bank charges for a relatively low amount is high. It pays to compare interest rates and only then choose a lender. In many cases, your own bank will be an expensive provider.

Low interest

Our interest, for both the personal loan and the revolving credit, is low. You take out a loan on favorable terms, the lead time is short, you do not have to go to the notary, which entails costs and you do not pay any closing and advice costs.

The advantage of a loan is that you can always redeem in the interim free of charge and without penalty. Especially for large amounts up to € 75,000, in exceptional cases up to € 120,000, we have a Homeowner Personal Loan or a Homeowner Revolving Credit . In most cases, a personal loan is chosen for the financing of land, the loan form that offers security with a fixed interest rate and term.

Transfer expensive financing

Do you have a current overpriced loan for the purchased land or have you bought land on installment? Transfer the loan or credit to us free of charge so that you will pay a low interest rate and get new favorable loan conditions.

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Everything arranged super fast. Application made on Monday afternoon, had to send in a few more documents on Tuesday and the money was in the account on Wednesday. Absolutely great!

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