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Borrow extra money online

If you need extra money, you can take out a loan for this. For example, you have an unexpected large expense or you want to have extra money in reserve. You take out a loan with us online to borrow extra money. Your personal situation determines which loan form and which loan amount fit best. We ensure that you take out a responsible loan, in the form of a Personal Loan or a Continuous Credit, for extra money.

Borrow extra responsibly

Taking out a responsible loan means taking out a loan that suits your personal situation and financial capacity. Have you made the choice between a Personal Loan or a Continuous Credit and do you know the amount of your loan amount? Then you can take out a loan online yourself and after we have arranged everything you have extra money. Do you first want more information or do you have doubts about which loan is best for you? Our specialized advisers are happy to help you so that you take out a responsible loan for extra money.

Two loan forms

You can choose from two types of loan to borrow extra money: a Personal Loan or a Revolving Credit. Whichever loan you choose , you take out online with us at a low interest rate and favorable conditions.

Personal loan

With a Personal Loan you borrow at a fixed interest for a fixed term. This also fixes the monthly costs. You borrow the amount you need and the bank pays it out in full once so that you have access to extra money.

The term of the loan is between 12 and 120 months. Under certain conditions, a term of 180 months is possible. Our financial advisers can provide more information.

The longer the term of the loan, the lower your interest rate. However, you are paying off longer. The loan is fully repaid at the end of the term of a Personal Loan. Do you want to make extra repayments in the meantime so that you have paid off the full loan earlier? This is free of charge, with the exception of a Personal Loan with a term of 180 months.

Lower interest for homeowners

Do you own a house and do you take out a Personal Loan to borrow extra money? You then benefit from a lower interest rate . An owner-occupied home gives the bank extra security and the bank offers you an interest benefit in return.

Continuous Credit for extra money

If you do not want a fixed interest rate and term, then a Revolving Credit suits you better. The interest rate and the term are variable. This loan form is flexible in nature, in contrast to a Personal Loan that offers security due to the fixed interest rate and term.

With a Revolving Credit, the loan amount is not paid out once; you decide when and how much you withdraw up to the maximum credit limit. Have you repaid a withdrawn amount but do you need that (extra) money? Then you can withdraw that amount again. You can make additional interim repayments free of charge. You repay 1 to 2% of the credit limit every month. You also have the option to pay 1% on the highest ever withdrawn balance. For example, if you have agreed on a credit limit of € 25,000 and have withdrawn € 10,000 of that, then pay € 100 as a monthly installment. The interest amount within the monthly installment is calculated on the drawn balance.

Take out a loan online for extra money

Request a quote via our application form to borrow extra money. You will receive a tailor-made proposal without obligation with a low interest rate and favorable conditions within 24 hours. You do not pay any closing and advice costs.

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