Borrowing money, costs money

Borrow money for your studies

Studying to progress

You have a nice job, but to advance in your career, a further study such as a master is a must. Or maybe you are not in the right place with your current job and you are considering making a switch. Even then you may have to follow a study. That is quite expensive, because the tuition fee for a (private) study is not bad. How are you going to pay the high tuition fees?

Loan options

If you start (again) studying after your thirtieth birthday, it costs a lot of money; you are no longer eligible for student finance . You must arrange the financing of your study yourself unless your employer pays for you. By taking out a loan you can pay for your studies and any necessary study materials. If you take out a loan above a certain threshold, you may even be eligible for tax relief.

Personal loan

When you take out a Personal Loan , you know what your fixed monthly costs are. The interest on a Personal Loan is fixed. When taking out your loan, you also agree when the loan must be fully repaid. We also recommend a Personal Loan if you only want to take out a loan for your tuition fees. You borrow exactly that amount. You pay any other costs that you incur during your studies yourself.

Revolving credit

If you do not know in advance exactly what costs you will be faced with, then a Continuous Credit is a suitable form of loan for you. You not only borrow the amount that you have to pay in tuition fees, but you also have extra money in reserve for books or when you go on a study trip. A Revolving Credit gives you flexibility. The interest of this loan form is not fixed and you do not have to repay fixed amounts. So if you have a little less cash for a month, you spend less. You can also simply withdraw money that you have already repaid in an expensive month with extra expenses. With a Revolving Credit, you do not agree on an end date for your loan. You therefore have less security than with a Personal Loan, but more flexibility in withdrawing your money.

Need advice?

Do you find it difficult to determine which loan suits you best? We are happy to help you and give you the most suitable advice based on the required information. Do you already know which loan you want for your studies? Then request a quote . This is of course without obligation.

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