Borrowing money, costs money

Borrow money for household effects and / or relocation

A move involves a lot of costs: renting a moving van, buying new furniture, refurbishing the house or even renovating it. Costs that may be higher than expected. Can you use some financial support? Then borrowing money for your household effects and relocation is a good option.

Moving without money

When you are going to move or renovate, it is wise to have extra money on hand. This way you can absorb unforeseen expenses without having to be overdrawn at your bank. Being in the red is a simple form of borrowing money, but also an expensive one: for being in the red you pay a very high interest rate, up to 14%. The interest on a loan is always lower. A loan is therefore cheaper and taking it out is a fast and efficient process.

How much money you can borrow for the renovation or the move depends on your personal situation. It is therefore important to obtain good advice before taking out a loan.

Also renovate?

Perhaps your new home is not entirely to your personal taste and you would like to realize a (small) renovation, so that you can take a shower in the bathroom that suits you. In addition to the move, you can also finance a renovation through a consumer credit . If you know in advance what the total costs are of the move and the renovation, then a Personal Loan is a suitable loan form.

You may also still have doubts whether you want to renovate. You decide to move first and after some time decide whether or not you want to go for those French patio doors. In that case, a Revolving Credit is a very suitable form of loan. You agree on a maximum credit limit and you have flexible access to it. You now first withdraw an amount for the move and you have the option to withdraw money for the renovation later. You only pay interest on the actual loan amount.

A combination credit is also an option. The loan is then split into a Personal Loan part, which allows you to use tax benefits, and a Continuous Credit part, which you can access flexibly.


A Personal Loan with the aim of renovating the owner-occupied home has the advantage that the interest is tax-deductible . This does not apply if you have a Revolving Credit.

In the event of a move, there is no possibility to deduct the interest.

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