Borrowing money, costs money

Renovation loan

A renovation increases the living pleasure and the value of your home. People often think of a mortgage to finance a renovation. But did you know that a loan is often a lot cheaper?

Mortgage or loan for renovation

If you borrow less than € 25,000, a loan for renovation is always cheaper than a second mortgage. Unlike a mortgage, you do not pay any advice, appraisal and notary fees for taking out a loan. In addition, you have access to the credit within a few working days. With a mortgage this takes at least 4 weeks.

Borrow money responsibly for renovation

Borrowing money, costs money. Always be well informed. Which loan fits best depends on your personal situation. Our credit specialists will give you responsible loan advice based on your situation and loan need.

Borrowing money for renovation: the possibilities

If you want to take out a loan for a renovation, you can choose from:

  • Personal loan
  • Revolving credit

A Personal Loan usually has a lower interest rate and offers plenty of security with a fixed term and interest. A Revolving Credit is a flexible loan with a variable interest rate, without a fixed term. In both cases we offer homeowners an extra advantageous loan. Thanks to the security that an owner-occupied home offers the bank, homeowners borrow at a lower interest rate.

Loan for renovation deductible?

The interest on a loan for renovation of your house is only deductible in the case of a Personal Loan.

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Everything arranged quickly within two days so that we are cheaper.

Caroline 7 days ago
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Everything arranged super fast. Application made on Monday afternoon, had to send in a few more documents on Tuesday and the money was in the account on Wednesday. Absolutely great!

Mr. M. van der Meer 7 days ago
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