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Financing window frames

New window frames not only increase the value of the home, but also provide better insulation. This results in lower energy costs and you also make a positive contribution to a better environment. Nice side effects. How do you pay the costs of the new window frames? Do you have sufficient resources of your own to pay for them immediately? Or do you have to look for another financing option, such as taking out a loan, buying on installment or co-financing with the mortgage? We list all options for you.

Loan for window frames

You can not pay for your window frames in one go, but per month thanks to a loan. You take out a loan, use it to pay for the window frames and then pay off your loan in monthly installments. If you take out a Personal Loan, the interest, term and monthly costs are fixed; a sure way of borrowing money. If you have a financial windfall in the meantime, you can make extra repayments on your loan without penalty.

Revolving credit

You choose this credit if you want to have flexible access to your loan. Most people opt for a Personal Loan given the low interest rate; you know on which date you have fully repaid the loan. You do not have that certainty with a Revolving Credit; you can withdraw amounts paid back and the interest is variable.

Buy frames on installment

Purchasing on installment is not only possible for kitchens or washing machines, but also for window frames. You can use a so-called frame plan. Your frames are placed and you then pay back the costs of interest and repayment monthly, afterwards in equal installments. This deferred payment is often an expensive form of financing. The interest is high, often even the maximum legally permitted rate of 14%. Sometimes there are hidden costs that you only have to deal with after the sale is closed. The interest that you pay in case of a consumer credit is much lower and you will not have to deal with hidden (high) costs.

Co-finance costs with a mortgage

Financing the costs of your new window frames by increasing your mortgage is no longer possible from 2018. Your maximum mortgage in 2018 is only 100% of the value of the home; you usually have no financial scope to finance your renovation from your mortgage. The interest on a mortgage is lower than the interest on a loan, but on the other hand, the term of a mortgage is 30 years compared to a maximum of 10 years with a loan. In the case of a loan, you therefore pay costs over a shorter period. The conditions of a loan are more favorable because repayments can be made without penalty. There are often costs associated with a mortgage. All in all, a consumer loan is almost always a better solution than increasing the mortgage.

Borrow a large amount?

If you do not only want new windows but also have a dormer window installed, you can take out a higher loan amount. The interest decreases with a higher loan amount. Our advisers can tell you everything about the possibilities in your situation. Because borrowing is tailor-made and every loan request is different.

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