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Financing an electric bicycle

Borrow money to buy an electric bicycle? Financing a bicycle with a loan is often cheaper than an electric bicycle on installment via the bicycle shop. With a loan you benefit from a lower interest rate and the option to make extra repayments without penalty. At we give you personal advice where we explain more about the possibilities of purchasing your new electric bicycle.

Electric bicycle on payment

The electric bicycle, also called e-bike, is on the rise. You see the electric bicycle in traffic more and more often. The demand for this bicycle with pedal assistance is high. The user group of the e-bike is getting wider: school pupils and students who have to cycle long distances have also discovered the advantage of an e-bike. The price of an electric bicycle is a lot higher than the price of a regular bicycle. Just like financing a car or motorcycle , a loan can offer a solution. You borrow money from us online at a low interest rate.

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Personal loan

Buying your e-bike with the help of a Personal Loan means paying the same amount every month in interest and repayment. The interest rate and term are fixed . You borrow the purchase amount of the bicycle and at the end of the agreed term, your loan is fully repaid and you are debt-free.

Revolving credit

A Revolving Credit gives you flexibility. You only include what you need at that moment. The interest is not fixed, but is variable . You profit from interest rate falls. The term is also not fixed. The monthly installments of interest and repayment vary; because of the variable interest, but also because you only pay interest on the amount you withdraw.

You can make extra repayments on both loan types without penalty , so that you reduce the loan amount. We advise you to take out a loan that is as long as or shorter than the economic life of the e-bike in terms of term. This prevents you from paying off the loan while the bicycle has already been written off.

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You can apply for a loan to finance your electric bicycle online via our application form . We will then send you a tailor-made offer free of charge and without obligation. We offer low interest rates and favorable conditions. Are you unsure about which loan form suits you best? Then our credit specialists will be happy to help you. Your personal credit specialist will study your situation and loan need so that you can take out a suitable and responsible loan.

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