Borrowing money, costs money

Borrow money to pay the tax

Nobody wants it: paying taxes. And who does not know it? That you unexpectedly have to pay back a substantial amount. You can choose to be overdrawn on your account, but that is very expensive. Borrowing money to pay the tax is a cheaper option in such a case.

Borrow money responsibly for paying taxes

Borrow to pay the tax. We can not make it more fun, but responsible and much cheaper than being in the red. Being in the red is a form of borrowing money with an interest rate of up to 15%. An expensive way to pay the tax. It is more sensible to have your financial situation examined by our credit specialists and find out whether you can borrow money.

To borrow money to pay the tax, our credit specialists look at:

  • your current loans
  • the possibilities to increase an existing loan
  • the possibilities for a new loan
  • the options for merging loans

A lot of money can be saved through this transparent research.

It is possible to request a postponement from the tax authorities, but it is above all important to pay the tax assessment quickly. Our advisers look at how you can borrow money for tax and they look at how you can pay off this loan as quickly as possible. Request a quote and we will be happy to help you.

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Everything arranged quickly within two days so that we are cheaper.

Caroline 7 days ago
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Everything arranged super fast. Application made on Monday afternoon, had to send in a few more documents on Tuesday and the money was in the account on Wednesday. Absolutely great!

Mr. M. van der Meer 7 days ago
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