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If you want to buy a chalet, do you have to take out a mortgage? No. Firstly, that is often not possible and secondly, a loan can be much more favorable as financing. What's up with that?

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Advantages of a loan for a chalet

There are five good reasons for choosing a loan instead of a mortgage:

1. Mortgage often not possible
You can hardly ever get a mortgage for the purchase of a chalet. You will only receive a mortgage if it concerns a real house made of brick or concrete with a full foundation. Chalets are usually not included. No mortgage, but a loan is possible.

2. Loan is cheaper than a mortgage
Can you get a mortgage because your chalet still meets the requirements? Then you cannot pay the total purchase price with that mortgage, because you will receive a maximum of 80 percent of the value of your chalet. If your financial position is good enough, you can get the total amount with a loan.

3. No extra costs with a loan
If you take out a mortgage, you will have to deal with extra costs, for example for advice, a valuation and the notary. With a Personal Loan you do not have those extra costs.

4. Lower costs due to faster repayment
If you finance a chalet with a Personal Loan, you will be ready to repay in 10 years, with a mortgage that is 20 years. Not only are you attached to your loan for longer with a mortgage, the costs are also higher than the costs of a loan due to the long term.

5. Interest deduction
Whether you opt for a loan or a mortgage, it does not matter for the interest deduction. You may only deduct the interest if the house is your main residence. A chalet as a second home is not. The interest is therefore not deductible in any case.

Personal loan for your chalet

You can best finance your chalet with a Personal Loan . You are then the direct owner of your chalet. What can you expect from a Personal loan?

  • Borrow the entire amount for your chalet at once
  • Duration maximum 10 years
  • Interest and monthly amount remain the same during the term
  • No advice or closing costs
  • Free additional repayments

Advantages of a chalet

You buy a chalet to recreate in it as the owner. But you can also rent out the chalet. These are extra income on which you often do not have to pay tax. You can then (partly) recoup the costs of your loan. There is also a good chance that your chalet will increase in value. By the time you start selling it, you've made a decent profit.

Personal Loan for a chalet

  • Borrow a fixed amount once
  • Fixed interest and term
  • Borrow up to $ 150,000
  • Extra repayments without penalty
  • No closing costs or consultancy costs
  • Advice from qualified advisers

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Apply for loan for a chalet

You can easily apply for a loan for a chalet online. You then fill in a number of important information and we will contact you quickly to discuss your wishes and options. We advise you on the loan that suits you and thus ensure that you borrow responsibly. If you still need documents to complete the application, you can upload them in your personal and secure online environment. As soon as there is an agreement, the money will be in your account within 2 working days.

Request a no-obligation quote for a Personal Loan to buy your chalet. Would you prefer an explanation from an advisor first? Then call 419-547-0576. We are happy to help you.

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