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Financing home insulation

Insulating your home is good for the environment and for your wallet. A well-insulated home saves a lot of energy costs and is well worth the investment. We are happy to help you with a responsible loan for insulating your home.

Mortgage or loan for insulating a home

In the past, people often opted for a second mortgage to finance home insulation. Today, a loan is usually the best and cheapest option.

Loan benefits:

  • Faster access to your credit
  • No advice, appraisal and notary fees
  • A loan is always cheaper if you borrow less than € 25,000

Go to Home Insulation Mortgage or Loan for more information.

Borrowing advice for insulating a home

Borrowing money for insulating your home is almost always possible. How much you can borrow and which credit best suits your borrowing needs depends on your personal situation. Therefore, always be well informed before you borrow money to insulate your home.

Personal loan for insulating home

With a Personal Loan for insulating your home, you borrow a specific amount at a fixed interest. A Personal Loan for insulating your home is tax-deductible, just like a mortgage. Go to borrowing money for home improvement for an overview of all options.

Loan for insulating a home deductible?

If you borrow money to finance home insulation, the interest is only deductible if you have a Personal Loan.

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